This is one of my absolutte favourite quotes in all time. It’s relatively simple to understand and interpret. It’s a comment, logical argument against capital punishment and war.

I think of the Iraq war: One of the reasons President George W. Bush Jr. declared war on Saddam Hussein was that he was murdering his own people, the Iraqi. I tend to believe that the argument is anti-american in every way as the USA is famous for it’s warmongering, loose guncontrol and high level of capital punishment.


Even if you loose and still see the battle as a victory, it will be. It’s only a matter of ignorance.

Maybe it wasn’t the thoughts of Adolf Hitler, but wars should be waged with less cost, if wars even should be waged. Also revolutionaries are needed in many fields, not just in war.

This quote is logically. If using the same kind of thinking to solve problems will only create more or worsen those we already have. War, homeless, the poor, nothing was ever cured, because we didn’t change the way we’re thinking.