I found a website which delivers “True Stories, told in one sentence“. I definitely suggest you go there, because there’s some extraordinarily good stories told perfectly.

I wrote this a few days ago. It’s ironic, yet rather true. I believe I was twelve when I started thinking, and sometimes I find myself thinking: Seemingly thinking is becoming a rarety only few are gifted with.

When I say ‘thinking’, I’m not talking about ordinary thought passing through our brains, but realisations and deeper thoughts on subjects such as life and the commotions around it.

Selfish by yuumei

February 10, 2008

“With stolen wings we cannot fly Without Empathy we shall Fall so ignorantly arrogant: To disregard life for the sake of pleasure and praise ourselves with the spoils of death
Is this the True nature of Humanity? It is simply so very Selfish
Do not believe in angels”

This picture may seem disturbing to some. Mild Nudity, Excessive Violence.

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