#4: The genuine life

February 17, 2008

I wish I was a strict person. Lover of the colour grey. Ordering myself around to clean up my room and do my homework right after school, but I’m not. I favour green, I like to cuddle with the mess and do my homework, when I feel like it. This is also the reason that I haven’t posted for a few days, regardless of the schedule. I want to post when I feel like posting. When I post an entry, I force myself to do so, and the result is not what it could have been if I waited.

I believe that everybody steal from others to create something new. A writer read books, gains inspiration from them, and then writes his own book. A musician don’t just start playing without hearing music on beforehand. One might ask, how did music start then? From nature. The birds sing, the river, sea and trees make noises. Somebody made an instrument, and started banging it in a rhythm. Then it expands exponentially.

The point of this weblog is not to create but compile a book of guidelines with meaning, and I write notes to them explaining why they’re true. This is a book I would want to be found if Earth was destroyed, and humans reborn. Perhaps they can find a purpose in life, to create a world, unlike ours, without chaos.


#2: Schedule

February 6, 2008

I don’t like not being able to post something, when I want to, but I don’t like not to post something in a long time, because I used all my material. So I made a schedule. I’ll post something everyday, and this will be the last irregular post, I hope. If I bulk up a lot of material, I’ll just add more to the given days, and if I come up with more interesting categories, I’ll rework the schedule.

It looks a like this:

  • Monday: Quote (x2); philosophy, lyrics or ideas
  • Tuesday: Quote (x2); philosophy, lyrics or ideas
  • Wednesday: Quote, art, journal
  • Thursday: Quote; philosophy, lyrics or ideas (x2)
  • Friday: Quote (x2)
  • Saturday: Quote (x2), art
  • Sunday: Quote, journal

Of course, I might slip one day or two, my school is beating me up on a daily basis, but something scheduled will come out, just a little later than expected.

If you got any suggestions at all, please e-mail me or write a comment in this post. Already got something for the whole week, so let’s see how it goes.