first I lick my upper lip
in compliance with the pleasure trip
then the music begins to thrill
no longer does silence my heart kill

back and forth with the melody
the strict rhythmical odyssey
like an aesthetic enchant
alas, merely a sugary deviant

acid conflagating attention-deficit
only five milligrams per reincit
otherwise la fille francais decay
when le beau monde ensures a continental crossway

it is in a free fall toward the skies
a plethora slowly whispering goodbyes
assuring an ethereal panacea
and existence is a preconceived idea


Selfish by yuumei

February 10, 2008

“With stolen wings we cannot fly Without Empathy we shall Fall so ignorantly arrogant: To disregard life for the sake of pleasure and praise ourselves with the spoils of death
Is this the True nature of Humanity? It is simply so very Selfish
Do not believe in angels”

This picture may seem disturbing to some. Mild Nudity, Excessive Violence.

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