This is one of my absolutte favourite quotes in all time. It’s relatively simple to understand and interpret. It’s a comment, logical argument against capital punishment and war.

I think of the Iraq war: One of the reasons President George W. Bush Jr. declared war on Saddam Hussein was that he was murdering his own people, the Iraqi. I tend to believe that the argument is anti-american in every way as the USA is famous for it’s warmongering, loose guncontrol and high level of capital punishment.


Lyra – Kate Bush

February 6, 2008

I watched The Golden Compass today, based on one of my favourite books by Philip Pullman. The film was okay, it portrayed much of what I have imagined myself when I read the book. I’m not happy with the ending, there should be another chapter, if I remember correctly. But let’s move on to the subject.

In the end of The Golden Compass, when the credits started rolling, I heard Kate Bush’s voice.

Where are our lives
If there is no dream
Where is our home

We don’t know how
There will be a way
Out of this storm
We will find home

And her soul walks beside her
An army stands behind her
Lyra, Lyra

And her face full of grace
Two worlds collide around her
The truth lies deep inside her
Lyra, Lyra

And the stars look down upon her
This darkness settles on her
Lyra, Lyra

Who’s to know what’s in the future
We hope we will be with her
We have all our love to give her
O Lyra, Lyra

I’ve heard many beautiful songs, one more beautiful and magnificent than the other. Yet again, I must claim to have heard the most beautiful voice sing the most indescribable graceful song. The quality of YouTube isn’t that great, but I feel anyone reading this, should take three minutes to listen to it.