Every time a new thought shapes and takes form in your mind,
you create a question equal to the thought,
but when you are unable to answer the question before a new thought shapes:
You reside in an infinite amount of agony and doubt,
only to build a great wall of everlasting queries around your nous.

Pay it forward

June 6, 2008

Yesterday, by accident, I watched the film “Pay it forward” based on the book by Catherine Ryan Hyde. It’s about Trevor, who in social studies class, has an assignment named “Think of an idea for world change, and put it into action”. Trevor’s idea is quite magnificent:

Trevor helps three persons with something really hard (e.g. helping Jerry off drugs, his social studies teacher into a relationship with Arlene, Trevor’s mother, and finally a classmate not getting beat-up – which unfortunately leads to Trevor being stabbed and killed), and instead of having them paying back the favour, they have to pay it forward to three people each. So far it has helped twelve persons. The nine persons are paying it forward as well. It evolves exponentially, and basically helps everyone.

In 2000, when the book (and film) was released, an actual movement began worldwide. The movement based on the philosophy ‘Pay it forward’, and today there’s a Pay It Forward Foundation promoting the philosophy. The idea is beautiful, and believes in the goodness in all people, which is the problem. Believing in the goodness of human beings has an frightening relation to suicide. I would love to believe in it, but it’s quite naïve. I’m being a critic here, so if anyone out there reading this – would you pay it forward? – please answer truthfully (anonymous if needed :P)

Think Different

June 6, 2008

Think Different

It is a well-known fact that pupils and student tend to forget what they learn in school. The pace in schools is too high, and the schools are aware of it. It’s ridiculous, because when the students have learned yet forgotten what they’ve learned, the education remains. It’s a piece of paper truthfully saying that the pupil have successfully gone through the school system.

#5: Alan Watts

April 16, 2008

Alan Watts was a philosopher who died in the early seventies. When I discovered the world of Watts, I was simply amazed of how he could transform complex subjects into short satirical radio shows. I found him through Stumbling (StumbleUpon addon for Firefox), and this website has published animations made by the creators of South Park with Alan Watts talking in the background. My favourite is Life & Music. I tried writing it down, but I suggest that you see it for yourselves.

You can watch the rest of the animated pieces here: Freshminds:Alan Watts’ theater.

Alan Watts has a very fine point in Life & Music, a point that I intend to live by. As he suggests, many has missed everything. Luckily, I’m not. I have high expectations for myself, but I won’t let it overrule my wish to live to the fullest. Instead of dying with a bang – although it cool be a cool ending – I wish to explore, learn, experience and live, because I believe that’s what life is all about.

Many is wandering around asking themselves, what is life about? What is the purpose of humankind? It’s an easy question. I haven’t received any particular orders from any superstitional creature or deity, so I made my own purpose in life. However I don’t slack off. One can always fully enjoy freedom and life if one has worked hard to gain it.

The point of this quote is quite simple. It’s common to deal with problems during ones life, and some of these problems may put us in a wrong direction. Addictions that overwhelm one or you ‘hang with you wrong crowd’. But even if you’re on the right track, you have to move even if you’re frightened to go in the wrong direction. Otherwise you will end up doing nothing. And doing nothing automatically puts you off track.

If I remember right, Henry Ford was able to make cars at an extraordinary speed compared to other car companies, so I guess this is his secret. Not much of a secret, but at least he’s right.

I know I’ve posted a lot of quotes of Albert Einstein, but I wanted to add this now, because it relates to reality more than many others. Many pupils have asked their teachers, ‘What can I use this for in reality?’, and just as often this has been asked, it haven’t been answered, which is why Einstein is correct. If a mathematic law is absolutely certain, it won’t refer to reality, but to the world of theoritic mathematics.

There’s a logical difference between logic itself and imagination. Logically we cannot travel to Paris or Tokyo in matter of seconds, but imagination can.

#4: The genuine life

February 17, 2008

I wish I was a strict person. Lover of the colour grey. Ordering myself around to clean up my room and do my homework right after school, but I’m not. I favour green, I like to cuddle with the mess and do my homework, when I feel like it. This is also the reason that I haven’t posted for a few days, regardless of the schedule. I want to post when I feel like posting. When I post an entry, I force myself to do so, and the result is not what it could have been if I waited.

I believe that everybody steal from others to create something new. A writer read books, gains inspiration from them, and then writes his own book. A musician don’t just start playing without hearing music on beforehand. One might ask, how did music start then? From nature. The birds sing, the river, sea and trees make noises. Somebody made an instrument, and started banging it in a rhythm. Then it expands exponentially.

The point of this weblog is not to create but compile a book of guidelines with meaning, and I write notes to them explaining why they’re true. This is a book I would want to be found if Earth was destroyed, and humans reborn. Perhaps they can find a purpose in life, to create a world, unlike ours, without chaos.