Listen to your heartbeat. The silent muscle slowly pulsing. Imagine the dead line and the high pitched screech when someone falls toward the skies. Think of the delightful scent of a peach tree in the wind on a day in July. Imagine the song, the melody that played through your life. Hear it absorb itself into nothingness. Go into the nothingness, feel your body and mind without restraint. Draw a deep breath, let a gust into your lungs and let them expand. Breathe out, and let your shoulders slowly collapse. Feel every vein in your arms, feel the blood pulsing through your entire body. See the electricity flowing in your brain, and let it enlighten you. Let the bright glow out and shine upon you. Clear your mind for questions and worries. Just plunge into the very depths of light.


first I lick my upper lip
in compliance with the pleasure trip
then the music begins to thrill
no longer does silence my heart kill

back and forth with the melody
the strict rhythmical odyssey
like an aesthetic enchant
alas, merely a sugary deviant

acid conflagating attention-deficit
only five milligrams per reincit
otherwise la fille francais decay
when le beau monde ensures a continental crossway

it is in a free fall toward the skies
a plethora slowly whispering goodbyes
assuring an ethereal panacea
and existence is a preconceived idea


Every time a new thought shapes and takes form in your mind,
you create a question equal to the thought,
but when you are unable to answer the question before a new thought shapes:
You reside in an infinite amount of agony and doubt,
only to build a great wall of everlasting queries around your nous.


In search of Elysian
the source of inspiration
my words are broken

Where is the simplicity
head on the rocks
be gone complicity

Inaudible melodies
beautifying fairy tales
reason underestimated

Unthinkable art
becomes breathtaking
stupidity specify deviance