#5: Alan Watts

April 16, 2008

Alan Watts was a philosopher who died in the early seventies. When I discovered the world of Watts, I was simply amazed of how he could transform complex subjects into short satirical radio shows. I found him through Stumbling (StumbleUpon addon for Firefox), and this website has published animations made by the creators of South Park with Alan Watts talking in the background. My favourite is Life & Music. I tried writing it down, but I suggest that you see it for yourselves.

You can watch the rest of the animated pieces here: Freshminds:Alan Watts’ theater.

Alan Watts has a very fine point in Life & Music, a point that I intend to live by. As he suggests, many has missed everything. Luckily, I’m not. I have high expectations for myself, but I won’t let it overrule my wish to live to the fullest. Instead of dying with a bang – although it cool be a cool ending – I wish to explore, learn, experience and live, because I believe that’s what life is all about.

Many is wandering around asking themselves, what is life about? What is the purpose of humankind? It’s an easy question. I haven’t received any particular orders from any superstitional creature or deity, so I made my own purpose in life. However I don’t slack off. One can always fully enjoy freedom and life if one has worked hard to gain it.

The point of this quote is quite simple. It’s common to deal with problems during ones life, and some of these problems may put us in a wrong direction. Addictions that overwhelm one or you ‘hang with you wrong crowd’. But even if you’re on the right track, you have to move even if you’re frightened to go in the wrong direction. Otherwise you will end up doing nothing. And doing nothing automatically puts you off track.