#2: Schedule

February 6, 2008

I don’t like not being able to post something, when I want to, but I don’t like not to post something in a long time, because I used all my material. So I made a schedule. I’ll post something everyday, and this will be the last irregular post, I hope. If I bulk up a lot of material, I’ll just add more to the given days, and if I come up with more interesting categories, I’ll rework the schedule.

It looks a like this:

  • Monday: Quote (x2); philosophy, lyrics or ideas
  • Tuesday: Quote (x2); philosophy, lyrics or ideas
  • Wednesday: Quote, art, journal
  • Thursday: Quote; philosophy, lyrics or ideas (x2)
  • Friday: Quote (x2)
  • Saturday: Quote (x2), art
  • Sunday: Quote, journal

Of course, I might slip one day or two, my school is beating me up on a daily basis, but something scheduled will come out, just a little later than expected.

If you got any suggestions at all, please e-mail me or write a comment in this post. Already got something for the whole week, so let’s see how it goes.


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